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Child's Details:

Child's First Name


Child's Last Name


Date of Birth




School Grade 2024


Shirt Size

Kids Size: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Adult Size: small, medium, large

Are there any court orders, parenting orders or parenting plans that relate to the residence, contact or access to your child? Please provide a copy of the relevant court orders (email to


Parent/Guardian's Details:

Parent/Guardian's First Name


Parent/Guardian's Last Name


Postal Address


Home Phone


Work Phone


Mobile Phone


Email Address

Emergency Contacts:

To be contacted if the parent/guardian listed above is not reachable.

Emergency Contact 1 Name


Emergency Contact 1 Relationship


Emergency Contact 1 Mobile Phone


Emergency Contact 2 Name


Emergency Contact 2 Relationship


Emergency Contact 2 Mobile Phone


Health Details/Special Needs

A disability/chronic illness












Autism spectrum disorder









Skin condition






Please provide details


Please submit relevant action plan where applicable. Refer to for action plan forms.

Please select your payment method

Payment Method

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 Sibling Discount


Apply Creative Kids Voucher $100

Please email your creative kids voucher to 


Terms and Conditions

I would like to enrol my child _______________________________ into the Southern Highlands Children’s Choir for the academic year of 2024 (04/02/20 – 04/12/20).  I agree and abide by the terms and conditions.  


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