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Terms and Conditions


  1. Membership for the choir is based on calendar year.

  2. Members will not be reimbursed for rehearsals that they do not attend, as rehearsals will still run in their absence.  Fees will be charged for the duration of the choir year regardless of attendance and are not refundable. In the unlikely event of choir rehearsals being cancelled you will receive a credit to the following years enrolment.

  3. Rehearsals are held once a week during school terms from 4-5pm at XXXXX

  4. Enrolment in the choral program constitutes an agreement to be punctual to all rehearsals and performances for the duration of the academic year.  Occasional absences will be accepted.  An email or sms explaining the absence is required.

  5. By signing this agreement, you give The Southern Highlands Children's Choir permission to take photos, voice recordings and/or video recordings of your child during rehearsals and performances, to use for promotional purposes.

  6. Parents of members of the choir are permitted to take photos or video recordings during performances.  By signing this agreement, you agree to this.  The Southern Highlands Children's Choir cannot be held responsible for the use of these photographs/recordings. 

Code of Conduct 

  1. The Southern Highlands Children's Choir aims to create a safe and positive environment for all of its members. In order to do this, we must ensure acceptable standards of behaviour from our members. 

  2. Members should be co-operative with both staff and fellow choir members.  The Southern Highlands Children's Choir reserves the right to cancel the membership of a child who displays repeated negative behaviour that affects the learning or wellbeing of others.  Fees paid will be treated as incurred.  The parent/guardian will receive three written warnings before this action is taken.  

Health and Safety

  1. Should a member fall ill or injure him/herself during a rehearsal/performance, The Southern Highlands Children's Choir may seek urgent medical attention that is deemed necessary.  Emergency contact will be notified.

  2. It is essential for you to ensure the safety of your child by arranging appropriate transport and escorting them directly to and from the rehearsal/performance venue and picking them up on time at the end.  

  3. Members of the choir will be required to attend venues in the local area other than the XXXX for performances.  The Southern Highlands Children's Choir will endeavour to give as much notice as possible about the concert details.  Permission will be assumed for your child to attend unless we are told to the contrary.  

Child Protection Policy

  1. The Southern Highlands Children's Choir is committed to providing a safe environment for children.  All staff hold a Working with Children Check.

Privacy Policy

  1. All information provided is confidential and is kept for the sole purpose of conducting The Southern Highlands Children’s Choir. 

  2. At times it may be necessary to disclose medical information in the event of a medical emergency or for the administration of choir activities.  

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